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The Program I Used To Gain 10 Kilos of Lean Mass In 3 Months

Ever been to the gym without a clue what to do and gain little to no progress week after week? 

This was me, Until i implemented Stand Up Be Strong!

I wanted to Gain Muscle and Strength Fast! So i researched the most effective method of Hypertrophy Training.

Once using the techniques i learnt i started Gaining Muscle and Strength at ridiculous speed.

I went from the weakest guy in the gym to one of the Strongest Guys In The Gym!

This Skyrocketed my confidence not only inside of the gym but in general life too.

Girls also started to notice me more due to the more masculine frame i had acquired.

I decided to put what i learned into a program to give beginners the ability to gain large amount of muscle mass quickly and with little time in the gym (30 mins - 1 Hour) 

So what are you waiting for?

Stand Up and Be Strong!

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